How to Improve Your Creative Work Process

I’ve been writing for the past 7 years. My journey as a copywriter started during my first year at uni. I landed a fantastic internship in a Bulgarian leading online media. The internet magazine covered all things digital, including digital marketing, copywriting, advertising, technology and trends. This is where I learned to read, learn and...
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I’m Back on Upwork

The Upwork drama ended. At least for now. After exchanging the same messages for about 3 days, their support sent me an email they have reactivated my account and I can use it as before. This, however, doesn’t mean that after some time of inactivity (again, a freelancer is a human being and might need...
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The Reality Behind Being a Freelancer on Upwork

This week’s post is all about frustration and the lack of a sense of community. During the past few days, I’ve been in contact with Upwork – a service I used to use as a freelancer. I’ve never landed a big gig through their platform, but believe a few freelancers do, given the fact that...
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