Social Media

Why I Stopped Using SMM Applications

Social media is 60% of what I do at work. Both for the company I currently work with, as well for my clients, managing social media channels requires a lot of multitasking, time management, scheduling mastery and good monitoring and response approach. In my nearly 8 year practice, I have come across multiple tools for...
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How to Drive More Traffic & Engagement

“Ideas are like coffee. Better consume them fresh.” This is what one of my mentors once told me. I remember I had to work long hours and deliver plenty of different content ideas for a bunch of clients. At that time, my clients had occupied different industries – from construction companies to beauticians and medical...
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3 SEO Hacks for Organic Traffic Boost

Optimizing for the web is not easy. The ever-changing rules of the white hat optimization keep specialists on their toes. While years ago having as many links, directing to your website was huge, nowadays Google cares more about the quality, not the quantity. And even penalizes those, who don’t play by the rules. But how...
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5 Growth Hacking Ideas for Businesses

As much as I hate saying it: SEO is essential when your business relies on your online customer base. You don’t have to own an e-commerce business in order to thrive on the Internet. But you sure need a loyal and supportive audience that will help you work your way to the top of your...
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VSCO Cam – The Next Level Mobile Photo Editor

Visuals are everywhere and are more important than ever. Albeit giants like Google try to convince us that written content is king, the game is obviously starting to change. We absorb larger chunks of information way faster than we did while the Web 2.0 was still dictating the rules. Now apps such as Instagram and...
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