How does your website portray your business? The comprehensive online presence audit starts with a thorough website audit and spreads beyond your webpage. What on the internet addresses your business? Reviews, comments, articles, press releases, video reactions. These can be both good and bad for your good name. Conducting an online presence audit will give you a better understanding of where your company stands and what can be improved in order to expand your visibility, reach wider audience and develop a stellar online reputation.


What’s trending on the market? The more data you have, the better. I can help you gather accurate up to date information, analyze it and interpret it in a way that can help your business achieve its goals and even go beyond that. Each research is tailored to your specific needs and serves the purpose of identifying the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats. It’s basically a SWOT analysis, but covers your biggest competitors business platforms.


The risk analysis shall give you a better perspective on which threats you should immediately eliminate, which are likely to harm your business and what your competitors have been doing to avoid risk situations. The comprehensive risk analysis aims to gather accurate and up to date information, analyze and interpret it to help develop a better crisis communication strategy for your business and overall brand presence. Risk analysis includes assessment the composition performance of your portfolio, as well as monitoring and managing relative exposure to digital risk in key segments.


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