3 SEO Hacks for Organic Traffic Boost

Optimizing for the web is not easy. The ever-changing rules of the white hat optimization keep specialists on their toes. While years ago having as many links, directing to your website was huge, nowadays Google cares more about the quality, not the quantity. And even penalizes those, who don’t play by the rules. But how to optimize your site without using black hat techniques and rank higher in search? How to increase the organic traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

Simple – optimize your website first. Start with a decent keyword research and discover what your potential audience is interested in. A great tool that can help you out in finding potential keywords you might use in your content is the KW Finder.
Focus on having one keyword per page: less is more; using one keyword per page will help the crawler bot identify it faster and record it as a relevant result.
Optimize your images: both size and information, make sure your images are well optimized; use relevant alt tags.
Install SEO plugin: Yoast SEO plugin is probably the best and most used SEO plugin for WordPress; discover other options and follow the instructions.
Headings matter: choose a striking heading that contains the keyword.

Off-Page SEO

Prepare yourself for battling a giant that is not likely to be won over. In the world of Google, you need to obey the rules. That, of course, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve great results. Don’t lose faith.
Social media is a powerful weapon: consider utilizing the power of social media; this is the easiest and most direct way for companies to communicate with its audience on a personal level. And people love it.
Great content is mandatory: engaging, entertaining, informative. Simple as that. Focus on quality, not quantity: forget about the massive amount of irrelevant links; try identifying your niche and find the great websites where you can post a press release, an article or an interview.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Research and get to know your audience: keep your target audience in the heart of every choice and decision you make.
Get creative: use different approaches to reach your potential customers.
Experiment: don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Experiment as much as possible, follow new trends and do your best to adapt.

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