How to Drive More Traffic & Engagement

“Ideas are like coffee. Better consume them fresh.” This is what one of my mentors once told me. I remember I had to work long hours and deliver plenty of different content ideas for a bunch of clients. At that time, my clients had occupied different industries – from construction companies to beauticians and medical clinics. But really, nobody told me exactly how to drive more traffic and engagement on my content.

How did I make it work for all of them with one simple formula?

Research and Identify Trends
Trends are not hard to spot once they become popular. The key on how to drive more traffic and engagement is to identify the ones that are not hot at the moment but have the chance of becoming popular. Social media has elevated content creation and distribution to a whole nother level. Users like it short and sweet. And that’s what you should focus on. Hashtags are still working. Location specifics are still working. Video is getting bigger. GIFS are still a thing. What’s next? It’s up to you to discover it for your business niche.

Keep It Consistent

Content is still a king. Consistency will reward you with frequent visits to your website, channel or profile on social media. If only you keep it consistent and first and foremost – of higher quality. Users can find the information they need within a couple of clicks while on Google. Make sure you directly go to your website instead of searching for it someplace else.

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Monitor, Analyze & Improve

Monitor, analyze and improve, improve! I meet lots of people every day who use social media and the internet as an outlet to send a message to a targeted audience. Still, to this day, doesn’t perform a daily monitoring of their activities. How do you see what’s working and what’s not? How do you improve your digital strategy without monitoring in real time what’s the outcome of your ideas, execution and actions? How to drive more traffic and engagement without doing any of the above? I don’t believe in monthly reports without having the knowledge and the ability to break it down into an at least twice-a-week performance review. More data, more chances of taking the right decision in terms of improvement. And you can gather than through daily monitoring and thorough analyzing.

To wrap this article up, I will summarize it in one single sentence: “Identify and focus on consistently promoting your unique selling proposition (USP), while consistently monitor, analyze and improve its digital performance for ultimate on and offline results.”

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