VSCO Cam – The Next Level Mobile Photo Editor

Visuals are everywhere and are more important than ever. Albeit giants like Google try to convince us that written content is king, the game is obviously starting to change. We absorb larger chunks of information way faster than we did while the Web 2.0 was still dictating the rules. Now apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have set the bars so high, that secondary platforms such as Tumblr and Pinterest simply started to fade.

Nevertheless, one precise thing unites all social media platforms– quality visual content. While some apps tried to force us to use their built-in editing features, mobile users have managed to step on the photo editing game like never before.

Ranked as a top developer and a trusted choice of nearly half a million users, VSCO Cam is the absolute favorite mobile editing app of millennial users and mobile photography aficionados.

The mobile app has a sleek and seamless user interface. Its built-in editing features enable users to manipulate photos through components such as exposure and contrast, while the rich diversity of filters help to set up a certain mood and bring the cinematography effects that often catch the eye while browsing on the internet.

Although the app adheres to a clean, simple and minimalistic design, there are a bunch of features included, besides the obvious editing. The user can choose from Studio directory with edited/unedited/published/unpublished photos, as well as load a gallery with a variety of formants, including RAW.

Besides being a top choice of editing mobile software, VSCO Cam is a social network and an interest community on its own, letting users share their best photos on a dedicated profile page and connect with other people with similar interests and taste in photography.

VSCO Cam is available for Android and iPhone and comes with a stack of free filters. However, avid users are able to purchase additional filter packs for an insignificant price.

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